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Free On Demand Masterclass

How to Accelerate Your Brand with Virtual Events

Virtual Events Masterclass

In This Masterclass, Training
You Will Learn:

1. How to create compelling content for virtual events

2. How to promote your event

3. How to keep people engaged during your event

4. Which platform is best for your event

5. How to nurture people after the event to increase sales

If ANY of the following ring true, you can’t afford to miss this masterclass…

You have tried hosting an event but didn’t get any sales from it. 

You’re trying to replace an event that was a big part of your lead generation strategy.

You’re looking for a competitive advantage.

If the idea of creating a virtual event that can be used over and over again to help your company takes a weight off your chest – this FREE live masterclass is your ticket to make it happen.

Jayson interview

A note from Jayson, your guide to creating a virtual event that increases leads and sales…

I have been creating online marketing for 20 years…

  • Thousands of videos launched online
  • Working with some of the largest brands in the world, helping them sell millions of dollars of products and services with video and social media
  • I’ve discovered the exact formula that gets people to attend and take action with virtual events.

This brand-new masterclass is the culmination of the top things I’ve learned in creating video marketing strategy for my clients. I’m excited to teach you what I know.