Video production can be challenging, especially if you have never marketed this way before. Here are some of the many questions we are often asked.

  • What much does a corporate video cost?
  • How long does it take to create a video?
  • How do I best convey my brand?

We know navigating all the various options involved in video—from style, budget, location—can feel overwhelming. But we are here to help.

We’ve created the video learning center to answer your questions and guide through the decision-making process of hiring a Video Production Agency. We want you to avoid the kinds of mistakes most companies make.

Please note: each video series is geared towards common questions regarding corporate video. You will also find more beneficial information on our blog.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have or when you are ready to start your video project.



Blog Posts

  • The Reason Why Most Corporate Videos Suck

      Have you noticed that most corporate videos look the same?  Here is a summary of what you can expect:  Start with a drone shot of a building, often created without thoughts for public safety or permits. They then cut to random slow motion footage. Then a voice, or someone, on camera shows us how […]

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  • How to Hire an Internal Video Team

    Many companies have started to hire internal video production teams.  Unfortunately, most are not having a good experience.   The number one reason this isn’t working for brands is because they are looking for Superman, one person who can do it all.  A quick search for video production on a popular job site will pull up […]

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