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Do you struggle to get sales from social media?

  • Do you need someone to manage your social media?

  • Are you missing out on sales from social media?

  • Is social media part of your sales process?

  • Does social media make your brain hurt?

  • Did your boss tell you to find someone to do social media?

  • Are you confused about what to post on social media?

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Social media marketing should be part of your sales process, not just something you do because it is on your ‘to do’ list.  We are in the second decade of social media.  It is no longer a new thing. It is time for your company to start getting business from social media.  Social media allows you to connect with your target audience where they are and remind them you are there so, when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

We use a combination of data and creativity for every step of the social media marketing process and develop a fully customized strategy based on your needs so you can focus on your business.  We help you build relationships with your online community in a way that increases sales.  Plus, we understand the most popular form of social media video.  Our secret weapon is video.  We understand how to implement video into social media to get people to take action.  We are a video first digital agency; which means it isn’t an add on service we offer just because you are asking for it. We spent the last 20 years learning how to make videos that increase sales and we can apply that knowledge to your social media and your entire sales process, if you will let us.   We don’t force video on our clients. Not all of our clients are using video, but those who are get the best results.   We specialize in creating and managing campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Contact a social media stratagist today to get started.


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