Animation/Motion Graphics Video Production

Animated / Motion Graphic video production services are used to market, sell, and explain products and services in a creative, detailed, yet simple way.

Capture the attention of your audience. An Animated Graphics Video can easily enhance customer services, increase website visitor engagement, and educate website visitors all while branding your products & services. We can create both 2d and 3d animation.

Animated Video Production:

Animated video production provides information in a creative way that is engaging for the viewer to watch.

  • Explainer Video Production

    Our explainer video production team will develop, film, and create a customized professional video to explain your business, product, or service. Orange County video production company, Miller Farm Media creates professional business quality videos that educate and sell![button link=”#”]Read More[/button]

  • Stop Motion Production

    On the internet, any videos that get attention are unique. Stop motion video is a fun way to tell a story about your product or service.With Stop Motion Video, the objects are moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.[button link=”#”]Read More[/button]

  • Whiteboard Animation

    A whiteboard explainer video is a set of hand drawn images recorded live and then sped up to match the voice of the narrator. Is the process of drawing on a whiteboard and recording it. There is something about whiteboard animation that makes it very compelling to watch.[button link=”#”]Read More[/button]

  • An estimated 169.3 million people in the US will watch online video this year.
  • That’s over 55 times the population of Orange County, California!
  • Google reports that 75% of all smartphone owners watch video. And over 25% of them do it every day. And over 50% of the WORLD watches online video each day.
  • Internet Retailer research shares that viewing a product video increases the likelihood of a purchase by 85%.
  • Additional research showed that 52% of customers believe product videos give them more confidence in their purchase decisions.
  • 46% of viewers will share video on Facebook.
  • ENGAGE Clients are engaged by animated video. It provides interaction with your website, or other online presence, and adds value to their visit to your site. Many, if not most, of us are visual learners. An audience will surely retain more information from a video than from a “sea of black” text or simple images.
  • IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE & CONVERSION RATES Reduce your bounce rate, increase your on site sign-ups, better your client retention, and even increase SALES with animated videos that educate and explain your product, service, business and other ideas in a way that’s wanted and statistically well responded to.
  • ENHANCE YOUR ONLINE SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY Google likes video. You will notice video results in Google searches often. Video is sticky. Compelling video encourages people to stay on your site up to 7 times longer; which in turn should improve both your rankings and your sales.