Are you ready to grow your business faster than everyone else and avoid wasting money on your marketing efforts?  Our coaching and consulting services are for those who are not ready for a video or need a little advice with a video they already created.  You can ask any question you want the time is yours.  We also have a system we can walk you through to make the time more productive if that is what you need.

Hourly Coaching and consulting services: $320 per hour

Common Coaching Topics:

  • Online Video Strategy
  • Channel  Review
  • Audience Growth
  • Business Growth

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3 other ways you can work with us.

  1. Video Boot Camp Course– DYI training course that will teach you how to find the right topics record edit and promote your videos.
  2. Thought Leader Video Packages – These video packages were created to help you get results faster than all of your competitors.
  3. Custom video services – this could be anything from a simple interview to our specialty hybrid product videos.



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