Lead Generation Videos

Every sales team is looking for a way to generate more leads.  Many companies have failed to use the internet properly in their sales process. The challenge is that buyers prefer to go through 70% of the sale process on their own before they pick up the phone to talk with an actual salesperson.  This is why It is so important to make sure that our online content helps people go through the buyer’s journey.

It isn’t just about getting people to do business with you.  It is about getting them to do business with you, getting them to tell others, and getting them to come back and buy more when they have a need.

Video is a helpful tool when used for lead generation.  The idea is to lead the viewer from a social media site to your website and then on to purchase your product or service.   By making the journey, the viewer qualifies himself, allowing your salespeople to spend their time on those who are qualified.  The more videos the person watches, the more he is interested in what you have to offer.  This is tracked using a video player that connects to your company’s CRM, providing data to your sales team.  Only 10% of companies are currently using video to score and qualify leads, making this a great opportunity for your company to provide your prospects with something unique.