Orange County Real Estate Videos

The main issue you are facing as a realtor is that you need more buyers and sellers. What makes you different as a realtor? Video is a powerful tool for agents, brokers and firms to establish their brand and win new business. Video isn’t right for everyone. It is expensive.  Video doesn’t work for real estate like it did 5 years ago.  You have to update your strategy.  Video advertising with a marketing video in your local area can attract new buyers and sellers.  It can help you build a list of prospects that you can nurture until they are ready to work with you.   We can create a video advertising strategy for growing your real estate business, but you need to contact us soon!  We are only able to work with one realtor in each city.

Orange County Real Estate Video Tours

Do property tour videos work?  Most of the time, they are a waste of money because they are poorly created and have no strategy around them.  Buyers are getting leery of even watching them because, often times, the video tour is just the photos they have already looked at but set to bad music.

There are different types of real estate tour videos.  You might just want to show the camera moving through the house. You can also show the home and the surrounding community.

Maybe you want your video to tell a story.  Real estate films are a unique way to show a property.  Real estate films are different from a photo slide show or a simple property video.  A Real estate film uses the tools of storytelling and sequence to tell a story and create emotion.  A real estate film’s purpose is to not give all of the technical details about the house,  but to connect emotionally with prospective buyers, helping them to see what it could be like to live in those homes.  It connects on a level that draws them in and makes them want to learn more.  These videos are often called “Home Movies” because they are like a mini movie featuring the house.

Reasons To Use Video To Sell Real Estate

  • 1.4 Billion people use the internet every day
  • 87% of all people start their property search on the internet
  • 32% of all buyers come from the internet
  • Newspaper readership is down
  • Video shows a house in a way that regular photos can’t and allows potential buyers to connect with you, the seller
  • Video is a unique way to sell your listings and sell yourself
  • Video compels potential buyers to take action, as they already feel like they have experienced a home tour.
  • A video is still a commercial for you, the realtor, after the property has sold.
  • If you use YouTube to host your video and place the link on your rider sign, potential buyers can view a tour of the home that they are considering on their YouTube enabled cell phone while in their car.