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How Do You Reach Clients and Prospects Virtual Events?

Conventional marketing strategies have become less efficient and more expensive. There was a time where interruptive ads, cold emails, cold calling, and marketer-centered strategies may have worked. These days, customers have more power than ever before.

Businesses are now opting to blog, SEO, and customer-centric tactics to engage with new customers.

To learn if your marketing strategies are falling short, try to ask yourself these three questions:

  • Where are your customers coming from?

Assessing where most of your customers are coming from can be a simple way to determine gaps in your marketing efforts.

  • How many individuals are converting on your website?

Analyzing your conversion metrics can help you realize which strategies are working and the ones falling short.

  • How are you communicating with your leads?

Keep in mind that you could miss out on opportunities to convert your leads into clients without a proper lead management tactic!


Create a Virtual Event that Increases leads and Sales

Virtual events are not created in the same way as a live trade show.  You need to engage with your viewers in a different way. Your virtual events need to look more like a TV show than a 5th-grade play. Our virtual event planning and live stream production services will help you plan your entire event from the first ideas you put on paper to speakers, scripts, locations, set design promotion via email, and social media all the way to video live streaming your virtual event with live stream production services. After the event, we put your leads into your CRM and give you follow up tools.  We also give you a plan for how to continue to nurture those leads via your sales team, email and social media.  Use that space you already booked and paid for so you don’t lose money.  Bring in remote speakers live.  Open your event to the world.

Plan a stress-free virtual event with our 20 years of video production and marketing experience. You can’t go live and expect viewers to magically appear and you can’t promote your event online without the right event strategy.  That is why we help you with every step of the process, not just one piece.  Event planners don’t understand the complexities of engaging a TV audience and video production companies don’t understand social media, but we make it all work together.


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