Online video advertising is often associated with B2C marketing but it is also a great opportunity for B2B companies.  If you’re a B2B, you know that you need to get in front of just a few people who need what you have to offer.  At the end of the day, it is people who make buying decisions, and video is a great way to speak to those people’s problems.  81% of the B2B buyers start their process with a web search.  When you create and market a video properly, it can be a great sales tool for your company, even if you sell something as simple as rubber gaskets.

Online video marketing for B2B is actually easier than for B2C because your target audience is a smaller group of people, so you can create a video that is targeted to that exact buyer and promote that video to just them.  With B2B videos, the quality of the audience is more important than the quantity. These videos will probably never go viral or be featured in the Super Bowl, but none of that matters, as long as they are reaching the right people who can directly benefit from your specific product or service. For this reason, well-known B2B companies such as Boeing, Volvo Trucks, and Taulia have found success with online video.

You will want to create videos with purpose, creating content that addresses the needs of your target audience.  Depending on your product, you may need a series of videos to address the questions that people have about the product.  It’s also important to look for other ways to use the videos.  These videos can also be used by your sales people as part of meetings or sent via email as part of the sales process.  Don’t fall into the trap of just creating a video because a competitor did.  Spend the money to have someone help you make a plan for how your video will succeed at Online video advertising.