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Do you have a video marketing strategy, or did you release your video without setting goals? A lot of companies have been let down after releasing a video online because the video didn’t achieve any real business goals beyond brand awareness.  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all provide excellent video marketing opportunities.   The process of creating a video can be so exciting and overwhelming that companies don’t think about video marketing as an important step. The way to overcome this is to create a plan that is measurable. Only 10% of marketers are using video to identify, score and qualify leads.

The number of online video platforms continues to increase. Sadly, many companies aren’t fully aware of all the options they have when it comes to using online video. Those that are aware often treat these platforms as a dumping ground for their videos, with no real strategy in place for leading viewers to take action.

In addition, companies tend to overlook YouTube as a social media site, rather than just a place for entertainment. Because of this, despite the fact that YouTube ranks close to Facebook in terms of site traffic, most brands are using Facebook but not YouTube when both sites are equally important.

Online video can be an important part of your inbound marketing approach. Along with your company’s website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and video-sharing platforms should be considered as viable options for developing your social media strategy. At the same time, these sites are only part of a strategy, not the whole marketing pie: you need to draw your target audience into your site, where they can view more videos and hopefully get on board. Contact us if you are having any of these issues let’s talk about how to use video marketing to help guide your audience through the customer journey.

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