When you think of using video in the Human Resources department, you often think of compliance videos or that sexual harassment video that you had to watch that is always outdated no matter how new it is.  Traditionally, when HR is looking to use video to attract new talent, they will often create a recruitment video.  A recruitment video is a very important video to have but it is often only used at recruiting events on web pages or sites about recruiting. The HR department can use video to attract, identify and recruit top talent for your companies.  You can create video to lead people through each stage of the employment journey; through attracting, vetting and training once a person is hired.  Start by promoting your company to potential candidates.  The main challenge that HR faces is to explain the company culture.  I think one of the mistakes companies have made is to explain it instead of tell a story.  This story shouldn’t be in only one video about why you are so great to work for.  It should be weaved through every video you do. Those company stories that you are telling potential customers are also great for people who might be looking for a new job.  Is your company a thought leader?  When you create videos that provides thought leadership for your clients and prospects, this content is also good for potential employees.   You can gate some of or all of this video content just like you do with a white paper and, as part of the signup process, ask if they are interested in carrier information.  This will allow you to track their interest and build a list of potential candidates for current and future staffing needs.