Kickstarter, and any crowdfunding campaign don’t require a video.  However, projects with a video succeed at a much higher rate (50% vs. 30%), and Kickstarter also finds that those projects that have videos also are the ones that raise more money. So maybe it is time to start thinking about How to Create a Video for Kickstarter. There is no magic formula for a creating a video for Kickstarter but these tips will help you on your journey to creating a successful video and campaign.

Since the beginning of time, inventors, entrepreneurs, and creatives have been changing the world with their creations.  They have all run into the same two problems:  the need for funding and the need for marketing.  The internet has made both of these challenges easier but it still takes time and know-how.  Kickstarter is a great site to help people find investors for their new product or project.   Marketing your idea, like everything else you have done up to this point, takes work and it helps if you have some money.

How do you succeed?

The success of your Kickstarter project really depends on how well you can get people to buy into your vision and how well you can leverage the power of social media,  as well as how big a fan base you have before your campaign starts.  A great thing about Kickstarter is that they want you to succeed and they provide helpful information on their site to help you succeed.

The importance of video production

You don’t need to have a professional video but having professional help you will make the process of creating your video easier and it will also make your product look more legitimate.  When you search the internet for video production services, the simple fact is that the ones that are on the first couple of pages on bing or google are going to charge more than someone that you would find on craigslist.  Your first step is to figure out what your budget for your video is before you start making calls.  It will save you time and frustration.


The formula for your video

The video that you create should show a clear plan for how your Kickstarter project will be created and, if you have created products in the past, it is important to mention that because it provides credibility and creates confidence in the fact that you know what you are doing.  You, as the creator, need to be accessible and even if you don’t speak fluent English, you should at least make an appearance in the video so that people can see you.  People want to do business with those they know, like, and trust.

According to Kickstarter school, your video should:

  • Tell people who you are.
  • Tell people the story behind your project. Where did you get the idea for it? What stage is it at now? How are you feeling about it?
  • Come out and ask for people’s support, explaining why you need it and what you’ll do with their money.
  • Talk about how awesome your rewards are, using any images you can.
  • Explain that if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll get nothing, and everyone will be sad.
  • Thank everyone!


Use social media to expand your campaign

Creators also need to be active in social media and give as much information as possible.  This should be done through a website.  You should also have a plan for how you will promote your video for Kickstarter and your Kickstarter page.  You can have the best page in the world, but if you don’t have a clear plan for getting people to your page, your chances of success are greatly reduced.  The first place is to start is with your current network of family or friends.  From there, you can look at other marketing opportunities.  Some products, like watches and backpacks, always do well on Kickstarter.  Other types of products, such as games, need you to already have fans before you launch your campaign.  Make sure to do some research as to what kind of product you have to make sure your campaign is successful.

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Here are a few crowdfunding video examples