Product VideoWhen creating videos that are targeted to Millennials (Millennials can be defined as people that were born between the years of 1980 and the early 2000’s), it is good to remember a lot of them are old enough to have a career, kids, and a mortgage.  According to Verizon Research it is very important for your company to have high-quality, high-performance online videos if you are promoting your brand or a specific product to this age group.  The time of using your cell phone to record your video, or better yet, your friend’s nephew who took a class in high school on video production, to record your videos is over.  It’s time to hire a professional, if you want to reach the Millennial generation and reach them well.  The research showed that companies that miss the boat on creating high-quality, high-performance videos will be at a significant disadvantage.

The internet is on content overload.  It used to be that you just needed content.  In the early days of YouTube, you could post a video and it would show up in the search box on Google within 24 hours.  That isn’t the case anymore.  Now your content needs to actually be good.

Millennials are faster to stop watching a video if it is poor quality, slow-loading, or has other technical problems.  If you want to reach them, online is the way to do it, as they are less loyal to cable or satellite TV than other generation.  You have to capture their attention because they are more likely to be using multiple screens at the same time and if your video doesn’t catch them, something on one of the other screens they are using will.  Millennials are an on-demand generation.  They don’t want to be told what to watch or when they can watch it.  They want it when they want it.  This is great if you have content they want to see and content that doesn’t annoy them because you opted to do it cheaply.   How are you using video to market to the Millennial generation?  Do you think this research applies to other generations as well?