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The idea that people searching the web will find your content, whether it be a blog or video, is every marketer’s dream.  Are you wondering how to use video marketing as part of your content strategy? You want someone to search for a problem that you solve and find you online as the expert.   Creating videos sounds easy but content marketing is not for the weak.  It takes a lot of work and time.  From knowing how to create the content in a format people want to watch to marketing the video so that people are able to find it.  If your company doesn’t have a content marketing strategy, you are missing out on business.

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How to use video marketing

Many brands hire a videographer and an editor and expect this to be the answer to their video content marketing needs.  However, videographers and editors are not video marketers and they are not creative directors.  You will need to find someone to help you navigate the complex system that is video content marketing.  Some brands look at what their competitors are doing and copy it but that is a big mistake. Chances are, your competitors are doing it wrong. If they’re not, then, at the very least, you are playing catch up.  You need to be the leader in your industry, the expert everyone goes to.