It is every business owner’s dream to have a viral video.  Just think of all of the exposure it could bring. However, not every video on YouTube is a viral video.  The truth is, most “viral” videos fail.  A viral video is any video that’s passed electronically, from person to person, regardless of its content. Some times we get asked to create a viral video.  The truth is that there is no way to create a viral video because there’s no way to know if a video will go viral.  That is why it is called a viral video.  There are some things that we can do to help the process, but there are no guarantees and any company that has a plan to get you views still can’t guarantee that it will go viral. A viral video usually includes humor, but not always.  With 800 million people watching YouTube, there are lots of people who are looking for instructions, information, solid advice.  Not everything has to be jokes.

You don’t need to find millions of people to watch your video.  You just need your target audience, and if you can make videos with great content and show the right people, you don’t need a viral video.  What you need is a social video.  Something that is targeted to the viewers that you want to see your video.