The New Infomercial

The internet is flooded with videos and there are more TV stations than ever. This makes creating a message that stands out even more important. While Infomercial video production, also known as Direct Response TV Advertising or DRTV, often lacks creativity, it works really well. What if we took what you love about Super Bowl Commercials, also called branded content, and combined it with what makes an infomercial so effective? You would have what I call a ‘hybrid product video.’ Because this form of video is still fairly new to the market, we will have to wait to see what the industry officially decides to call it.

Who would benefit most from using hybrid product videos? This type of video works best for products that solve a problem, are different, and are something that people already love. Just like a traditional infomercial, part of the secret to the success of this new form of infomercial is the marketing campaign behind the scenes.

Where is the best place to use these hybrid product videos? Instead of the traditional TV ads, social media video ads are the best place. Social media ads allow for greater targeting than traditional TV ads; which improves the return on your marketing investment. These videos have an added bonus they are also shareable; which means after someone watches your video they will share it with their friends, making your ad dollars go even further.Is the new infomercial right for your product? Use the form below to contact us.