Facebook Video Advertising

Facebook video advertising is a great opportunity for small and large businesses.  Social media video advertising allows you to reach just the people that you want to have for customers and clients.  Never before has your company whether B2B or B2C been able to reach your ideal customer in such a targeted way.   It doesn’t matter what your company does your potential buyers or clients are on Facebook.  

Facebook video ads are a great way to build trust with prospects.  Trust is important because people need to trust that your business can deliver in order for them to do business with you.  Facebook video advertising provids a great opportunity for local businesses to reach their target audience with lower cost ads as compared to Google AdWords and traditional advertising.  You can even create a list of people that you don’t want to see the ad.  Social media has become pay to play, meaning you can no longer just post and expect people to see your video.  You need to run ads to get your video in front of your followers.  

Many businesses have wasted money on Facebook ads and declared that they didn’t work.  But ad advertising on Facebook is like anything else you do in life it is skill and it takes a while to learn this skill.  You also need to be constantly testing and tuning your ads for maximum return.

The purpose of Facebook video ads is to drive action.   To do this, your ad needs a goal and a plan for what success looks like.  A Facebook video ad is best created with a real person talking on camera.  People connect best with other people and these types of ads convert better than an animated video.

This video can also be used in other ways, not limited to Facebook, such as your company website, YouTube, Instagram, ads, or shared via email.  We can review these other options with you when the time is right.  We can create your video and help you manage your ad campaign.  Contact us to see if we can help your business with  Facebook Video Advertising.