Inbound Marketing and Sales Funnel Services

So your sales process can be more efficient and close more sales

Generate More Leads and Sales

  • Getting past the gatekeeper?
  • Keeping the sale moving forward?
  • Chasing the wrong deals?
  • Does your message get lost on the way decision makers?
  • Do you have a system for handing objections before they are even asked?
  • Do you need a system for good follow up?

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Miller Farm Media will check all aspects of your existing inbound marketing and offer a complimentary report. That report will outline what you are doing well and what you may need to improve on.

We use our exclusive Video Alignment Method to help you align your sales process both offline and online. This method is created to engage your clients and prospects. Our thorough process will help you entice more prospects and close more dealers by making your message clear and your entire sales team more efficient. That will allow them to use the tactics they use already and automating more of what they do not wish to do.

Our Video Alignment Method will help you change your business by:

  • automating the process so your sales team does not get bogged down with more things to do.
  • monitoring who is engaging with your business online, so you are aware of who to follow up with
  • presenting your sales team more opportunities to connect and enable them to stop saying things like, “I am only checking in.”
  • offering first-time buyers specific details to feel assured in purchasing your business.

Why Invest in Inbound Marketing Services?

Building an inbound marketing strategy is considered low-hanging fruit when we talk about improving your business? Why?

The tactics included in your campaign oblige you to get to know your target audience so you can market to them directly and meet them where they’re in the customer journey!

  • It meets potential clients where they are
  • It is targeted
  • It is marketing with an intention
  • It is measurable

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It’s about time you receive a custom inbound marketing package and begin attracting more leads and sales to your business! With our efficient and effective inbound marketing services, you will get a dedicated account manager, bespoke strategy, and regular reporting, among others.

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