Remote Directed Video

Your Camera Controled By A Professional Director


Your smartphone has a good camera but creating a video that looks professional with a smartphone or webcam is hard.  You can have a box of paint but that doesn’t make you Picasso. Having a camera doesn’t make you a filmmaker.  However, in the right hands, any camera can make you look good.  You need a professional director who can give you advice that comes from years of video production experience to help you make sure the camera is framed properly and the lighting looks good.   Professional direction helps eliminate common problems such as false starts, failed efforts, unflattering camera angles and bad lighting that makes you look older than you really are.  It makes the process faster for you and helps you avoid the most common mistakes.

We have been offering remote directed video since 2014 and have a proven system that gets results for our clients. A remote directed video frees the person who is on camera to focus on their performance. You can see and hear the director, just like they were really there in the room with you.  The best part for you is that the cost of creating a video like this is 80% less than if you were to bring a crew on site.

While this will never replace the quality and experience of a full production crew and professional equipment, it is a good compromise between doing it yourself and having a full crew when budget is a key concern. It is also a great way to capture a testimonial video with a client who is outside your local area or with remote team members because all they need is a smartphone, computer, and a wifi connection.

Videos are Create in 4 Steps

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