The secret to getting more sales in a competitive market

Marketing that will help your sales team close deals faster.

Does your sales team struggle with:

  • Getting past the gatekeeper?
  • Keeping the sale moving forward?
  • Chasing the wrong deals?
  • Does your message get lost on the way decision makers?
  • Do you have a system for handing objections before they are even asked?
  • Do you need a system for good follow up?

Transform Your Business

People don’t want to talk to a salesperson until they are ready to buy. They want to learn on their own schedule before they talk to a salesperson. This is a problem because most of the information your company has online isn’t what is needed to guide that prospect through the sales process and get them to talk with a salesperson.

An organization that has a sales enablement system will sell more in less time and this is why we created the Sales Alignment Method. A 4-step framework designed to help you align your sales process on and offline. It is designed to engage prospects and clients. Our process will help you attract more prospects and close more deals by making your message clear and your sales team more efficient, allowing them to use the techniques they already use and automating more of what they don’t like to do.

The Sales Alignment Method will transform your business by

  • Increasing warm leads for your sales team
  • Giving first-time buyers certain information to feel confident in purchasing from your company
  • Providing your sales team more opportunities to connect and allow them to stop saying things like, “I am just checking in.”
  • Track who is engaging with your company online, so you know who to follow up with
  • Automates the process so your sales team doesn’t get bogged down with more stuff to do

Designed to Increase Leads and Sales

The Sales Alignment Method is designed for brands that want to sell more.

The way people buy from your business has changed. Let us help you catch up.

We will get your marketing and sales team working together. Our method includes a full team of experts, marketing and sales strategists, conversion copy writers, website designers, video strategists, funnel hacker, and sales experts to streamline your sales and marketing.

Our proprietary video alignment method does 75% of the selling for you allowing your sales team to focus on people who are ready to buy. Ready to learn more? talk with a strategist today.

The Sales Alignment Method

4 Step Process

1. Goals

2. Process

3. Content

4. Technology

Video Alignment Method

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