We were very excited when Tony from The Pure Game called and said he wanted to create another video.  The Pure Game isn’t only about soccer, although this is what brings most of the kids out.  The Pure Game is about empowering kids to make good choices by teaching character building, while having fun. Orange County Video Production Company, Miller Farm Media, had a chance to see this first hand recently on a video shoot.

Orange County Soccer Leagues chief game maker, Tony Everrett, says that when he played soccer as a child in England he would show up at the field and play. The only parent involvement was when his mother would show up to call him in for dinner.  Today life can be a bit more challenging for both the kids and the parents, especially for high risk kids living in foster homes or in inner city areas.  The Pure Game is for everyone, but its heart is really to touch those who need hope the most. Life lessons are being taught while the kids are having fun just being kids. Getting to see these kids play and have fun in a carefree environment is fantastic!

Using 6 week soccer leagues- where after 5 minute games, the teams are switched up so that all of the kids get a chance to interact with each other- combined with a proven curriculum called S.T.A.R. (Stop Think Act Review), The Pure Game teaches kids of all skill levels and backgrounds to have fun while learning to overcome limitations and excel in life.  To learn more about how you can become involved with The Pure Game, visit their website: thepuregame.com.