The technology your sales team uses for remote sales needs to be invisible.  If you are a professional company you shouldn’t be using earbuds and have bad lighting.

Here is a list of everything I use as part of my remote sales setup.



Boom microphone $329.00

Microphone stand $38.49

Microphone cable 10ft $9.52

USB Audio interface

USB cable $8.76



Headphones $59.99

Headphone cable $8.56



Speakers $99.99

2 speaker cables $11.99



Lights $119.99

Light Stands $32.99

Webcam $445.00


If you need a lower cost option try this list.

With this list, you save money but don’t have any physical buttons to push.

Blue Yeti Microphone $129.43

Headphones $59.99

Headphone cable $8.56

USB headphone adaptor $7.99


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