The idea that companies need to be looking ahead to new ideas is starting to catch on.  The Executive Next Practices Forum is always looking for ways to set the example for corporations with new ideas, or next practice; which fits well with what we do here at Orange County video production company, Miller Farm Media.  Our challenge was to figure out how to explain the complex idea of Next Practices in 90 seconds in a way that was easy to understand and wasn’t boring.  The solution that we came up with was to create a whiteboard explainer video.

A whiteboard explainer video is a set of hand drawn images recorded live and then sped up to match the voice of the narrator.  There is something about whiteboard animation that makes it very compelling to watch.

So what are next practices?  Next practices are defined as ideas, innovations, concepts and solutions that move us beyond the status quo.  It’s not about asking ‘how are others doing it best?’ but rather ‘where do we go from here that represents a true fundamental shift in value?’

Think of it this way: Best practices are what others are doing best. Next practices move you beyond the competition and into extraordinary return on investment.

Miller Farm Media recently presented this video at a meeting with a potential client and intentionally didn’t play the voice over.  We just told them the story as we watched the visuals to help drive home the point that the visuals tell a compelling story all by themselves.  I wanted to demonstrate that the visuals alone are very powerful and that, when we did add a voice, the video becomes just that much more compelling.

Whiteboard Animation Video Production Example

>> Next Practices Explanation Video

This type of explainer video is also easier to share than an article through email or social media.  You can gain more information in a shorter amount of time because of the show and tell nature of video.

Do you have an idea that your company needs to explain?  Contact us!  We can help you tell that story with video.