YouTube viewers watched 18.6 billion videos in January of 2012.  Did your company get a piece of that pie?  YouTube has been making a lot of changes recently.  One big change is that they’ve added channels.  If you’re not familiar with them, think of channels like a TV station that you own on YouTube.  It is now more important than ever for you to get subscribers and to be constantly creating content in order for you to stay in front of your subscribers.

YouTube has committed $100 million to 96 new video channels and has recruited Hollywood talent to produce content.  This isn’t a passing fad for them.  YouTube’s design changes mean that getting on the most-viewed list isn’t the best way to get people to view your content like it once was.  Now it’s all about getting people to subscribe to your videos. That means fans will know when you post a new video, which often translates to more views.  Many successful YouTube channel operators time their videos to hit the Web in the same  way that a show airs on regular television.  The best time to post is Thursday before noon and the second best is Monday before noon or when your target audience is expecting it.  Friday and the weekend is the worst time to post new content.   So if you target audience works all night and sleeps all day it would probably be best to launch your video just as they are wrapping up their work day.