You have written a book and you are excited but you don’t know how to promote your book with video.  Videos are the most shared, social media-friendly way to promote your book.  Think of a book trailer like a movie trailer.   The goal is to give just enough information to make the viewer want to know more and purchase the book.  I have seen a lot of book trailers that look like powerpoint presentations.  They don’t have to look like that, though.  They could look like anything from a simple commercial to something similar to a movie trailer.

A book trailer helps convert browsing customers into buying customers.  You need to create an emotion that will connect with the viewer and that fits with your book in your video.  There are many different styles that a book trailer can be created in.

Here are some useful tips when creating a book trailer:

  • You need to make sure that the video is tied to the book.  It needs to capture the look and feel of what your book is about.

  • Keep it short.  Remember, you want to capture their interest, not tell the whole story.

  • If your book is nonfiction, a helpful guide of sorts, you could create a “How-to” video on one of the subjects that you cover in your book.  This is a great way to give a customer practical help on a subject and hook them on your book.

  • If you already have a faithful audience that follows your writing, create a video that gives behind-the-scenes information by showing a character or topic that was widely discussed in the book.

  • Create a Q&A session with the author.  Remember, you’re capturing potential readers’ interest, not telling the whole story, so you’ll want to keep it short, under 3 minutes.


You, the author, can be on camera or you can use graphics to create your video.  Being on camera is a great way for you to connect with the audience and build your personal brand.  Animation is great to explain complex ideas and show data in a way that will be sharable.  Below is an example of both.  Do you need help with video or social media marketing services for your new book?  Contact us to see how we might be able to help.

Fables of Fortune

Neal Schaffer