How to create a video sales funnel

When it comes to How to Create a Video Sales Funnel, one thing that B2C and B2B brands forget is to connect their online and off-line efforts.  This is causing companies to lose money.  I don’t know about you, but I hate missing opportunities to increase my sales. A good video sales funnel gets your social media, website, email campaigns, tradeshows and sales team all working together.  Most of the companies I talk to have a website, email campaign, and sales team.  They have no idea how to get them to work together to increase sales.  So, when it comes to social media and how to get it to drive business, they are missing out on money.  The thing is, they know they’re missing out but they’re not sure how to fix it.

Maybe you have made a few videos and followed all of the free instructions from YouTube.  The problem is 99% of the free advice online is coming from someone who makes their money from getting viewers or readers.  As a business owner, you make your money by selling a product or service that goes beyond views of your videos or blog.  You need videos that drive sales.  You need a strategy.  To succeed with video, you can’t just create one video and expect to get results.  You need a series of videos for each stage of your sales funnel. 

Your sales funnel should have at least 4 steps:

Awareness: You need to make clients aware of their problem as it relates to your product or service.  Then you need to be the expert as they educate themselves about how they, someone else, or you can solve the problem.  Now, they are…

Considering all of their options and get clear on their problem.  This is where you start converting your website visitors into leads.  

Decision:  This where they become a customer.  In this stage, you might use a sales video.

Repeat:  You need to keep them as satisfied customers who refer you more business. 

Staying top of mind is a very important part of your sales process and using all of the tools on and offline will help empower your sales team to increase your business. 

The way you script your videos in each stage is very important.  Videos that provide value in the early stages of the funnel are heavy on the solutions, not selling.  You are ‘selling’ by providing value.  Don’t forget to give them a clear call to action; which will depend on where they are in the buyer’s journey.  Your call to action in videos at the top of the funnel might be to watch more videos.  Need some help?  Check out our video production services


Automate your funnel

How to Create a Video Sales Funnel you need to automate as much of this process as you can.  Use a landing page that gives them a call to action.  This landing page should capture their email address, at the very least.  Make sure that email address is automatically sent to your email campaign service and your CRM so you can start tracking and lead scoring.

The reason that video is the best tool for connecting your online and off-line efforts is the ability to track how much of the video was watched.  Let’s say someone watches 75% of a video on social media.  You can then have that social media site retarget them; which is a fancy word for ‘share more videos’ with them.   That video can invite them to your website where they can sign up to watch more videos.  Now you have their email and you can track how many of these videos they watch on your website.  This will send an alert to your sales team that the video was watched by Jon Smith and now your sales team knows who to follow-up with and what they are interested in. 

How to Create a Video Sales Funnel

Or let’s say you just attended a trade show and came back with hundreds of contacts.  You send an email to each of those people with a video link in it.  Everyone who watched that video can now be tracked on social media where you use ads to show them more videos.  You can also set it up to alert your sales team to who is engaging the most with your videos.  This helps your sales team know who to follow up with first.  You will need a main video sales funnel and then smaller funnels for each of the different tools that you use to engage your prospects and customers. 

How to Create a Video Sales Funnel to connect your social media, website, email campaigns, tradeshows and sales team, you will get clear on your company message and you will keep from losing customers due to apathy on both sides of the sale.

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