customer experanceWhen someone searches for your product or service, how many competitors do you have? Hundreds?  Thousands? Because of this, it is easy for your customers to view what your company does as a commodity.  One way for your company to stand out from the crowd is by making sure each person has a great experience when they do business with your company, from the very first time they learn about you, right on through the entire business relationship.

Customer experience affects every area of your company, from the lobby to the backdoor.  When we think of customer experience, we think of Nordstrom, Starbucks, or Apple.  While these are B2C brands, B2B brands should put the same kind of effort into their customer experience.   It doesn’t matter if you sell toilet paper to businesses, you should strive to be the Apple of the toilet paper world in terms of customer experience. Some companies are even creating ‘experience’ departments.  The goal is to create a system that will create happy customers who will do business with you for years to come.  They will tell their friends about it and be happy to pay more for the experience.

This idea of customer experience is bigger than just video, but I want to look at some ideas on how video can be a part of each step of your customer experience, creating one more reason for your customers or clients to feel special.   Customer experience videos can and should be part of the customer journey, also called the buyer’s journey.

What is the best way to start?  The first video you might want to create is one to introduce your company.  This video sets the tone for your company.  It helps people get to know the brand.

The next step is to use video to explain your product.  You can explain how it works for your prospects and for those who have just made a purchase.

You can also use video to say thank you.  From a prospect’s first contact to the finished sale, think about where you could create a video to say thank you to them.

Another great way to use video is to create a training series for how to do things, both related and unrelated to your product.  The goal is to provide information that people will find valuable and unique.  It should not be one long video.  Instead, create a series of short videos that get to the point of what people really want to learn.

When was the last time your CEO spoke directly to your customers?  Well he probably can’t go to every meeting but you can create a video that can be used online or shown in sales meetings.

People want to interact with your company in a way that they feel most comfortable.  For some people, that way is to pick up the phone.  For others that way is reading text on your website.  Why not use strategic, well thought out videos to do some of this heavy lifting?   The easiest application of this is in using video to reduce call center volume for product support.  This is a great way to help the customer experience and this is just one of many places to interact with your customers using video.

Where can you use video to help make your customers and prospects happy?