How Online Video Advertising Can Benefit B2B Companies

Online video advertising is often associated with B2C marketing but it is also a great opportunity for B2B companies.  If you’re a B2B, you know that you need to get in front of just a few people who need what you have to offer.  At the end of the day, it is people who make […]

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Tips for Creating Trade Show Booth Video

The main challenge with trade shows is figuring out how to get the attention of the audience in a sea of other trade show booths. There are many different ways. One way that has gained popularity over the last few years is to use video screens in your booth. Many companies spend a lot of […]

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How HR Can Use Video To Attract New Employees

When you think of using video in the Human Resources department, you often think of compliance videos or that sexual harassment video that you had to watch that is always outdated no matter how new it is.  Traditionally, when HR is looking to use video to attract new talent, they will often create a recruitment […]

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