How to Become a Thought Leader with Video

How to Become a Thought Leader with Video People are looking for leaders. They are looking for someone who can help solve their problems, someone who can inspire them.   They are looking for thought leaders, individuals or companies who change the world around them.  Thought Leader video is a form of marketing where you position […]

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YouTube Policy Changes 2018 [What Your Business Needs to Know]

YouTube Policy Changes 2018 YouTube is changing the policy for anyone who wants to be part of the YouTube partner program. This change is something that YouTube has been working on for a long time. This isn’t something they just decided yesterday. This didn’t happen because of the Logan Paul controversy. So, what’s changed? If […]

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How to Create Product Videos for Amazon

How to Create Product Videos For Amazon Products for sale on Amazon with videos have had an advantage over other products for many years.  Now that Amazon is opening up video for 3rd party sellers, it is important to know a few things before you start creating video. A product video on Amazon is not taking […]

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