How to Create Product Videos for Amazon

How to Create Product Videos For Amazon Products for sale on Amazon with videos have had an advantage over other products for many years.  Now that Amazon is opening up video for 3rd party sellers, it is important to know a few things before you start creating video. A product video on Amazon is not taking […]

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How to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Live video is no longer like ‘Wayne’s World’ with Wayne and Garth on a public access channel in Aurora. Facebook, YouTube, and many others have opened the idea of live video up to everyone.  As with any new technology, many brands, small and large, are confused about how to use Facebook live grow their business.  […]

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The Reason Why Most Corporate Videos Suck

  Have you noticed that most corporate videos look the same?  Here is a summary of what you can expect:  Start with a drone shot of a building, often created without thoughts for public safety or permits. They then cut to random slow motion footage. Then a voice, or someone, on camera shows us how […]

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